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2-Day Women’s Beach Retreat in OC, MD

Are you wanting to feel refreshed?

Would you like a couple days to decompress from your day-to-day life?

Do you want a weekend getaway to the beach with some upbeat women?

We’ll be doing beach time, pool time, salon time, meditation time, with healthy food. Think of it as a weekend in a supportive group of women who love their lives and are ready to take them to the next level. Group attention has been proven exceedingly effect in helping adults and children to move their lives forward.

With an emphasis on “feminine radiance”, we are geared for health, wellness, and the yoga of life as a woman in today’s world. Find a safe space to laugh, cry, shake, yawn, sweat, and growl, as needed. Tune into a higher plane of consciousness and let it take root in your life, moving forward.

This summer, join Teresa Ann Foxworthy, and a group of women leaders for the 21st Century. We’ll be in North Ocean City, Maryland from 6pm, Friday, August 18th to 6pm Sunday, August 20th.

Apply online here.