With over 20 years coaching women to consciously create their vision of a fulfilling life, Teresa is available to help you. Choose the program that works best for you: home study courses, coaching by phone programs, events, and more, she will delight you with the many possibilities for your happiness.

Teresa Ann Foxworthy is an internationally recognized Life Coach for Women, Keynote Speaker, TV Producer, and Inspirational Author who has a mission to raise the status of women everywhere. We have an unprecedented opportunity in the 21st Century to express at our highest potential. After overcoming several major setbacks in her life, Teresa discovered how to live fearlessly. Now she can help you.

Ms. Foxworthy has been a Re-Evaluation Counselor and Life Coach since 1990. Her studies in psychology, world religions, creative self-expression, human consciousness, male-female dynamics, sociology, anthropology, and so much more have all contributed to the programs which she has developed and used to help women everywhere.

Teresa has spoken or performed before audiences of up to 75,000. She has produced TV shows, facilitated retreats, and coached women from every background. Consider attending one of her retreats in Hawaii, the Mid-Atlantic, San Francisco, or San Diego, CA, USA.

Her most popular programs are:  Path to the Beloved: Relationship as Spiritual Practice, How to Be a Goddess, The Goddess Handbook, Awakening the Magical Child: Activating Creativity, Waking Up as a Spiritual Being, Dating for Keeps, Teach a Man To Honor You, and others in the making.

It’s 2018, and Ms. Foxworthy helps women recognize the infinite possibilities for their lives, as they clear the emotional congestion blocking their natural flow. She asks, “What’s your purpose? How deeply can you Love yourself?” while reminding us to “Keep breathing. Remember the Light”. Using ancient wisdom as well as contemporary, leading-edge techniques, Teresa will help you manifest your Vision of Love & Happiness!

Teresa was born in the San Francisco area, went to elementary and high schools in the Mid-Atlantic, colleges in Maryland, California, and France. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts & Creative Self-Expression. She loves living an holistic lifestyle and spends most of her time living by the ocean.